Nostalgia lives
In the corners
Of yellow picture frames
Sitting in the wrinkles of faces
Of golden sepia sheen
Of simpler times
Garbed in blissful times
In Christmases long past
Nostalgia gathers dust
As people zoom by
In dustless cars
With smart phones buzzing
As food cooks in a minute
Nobody stops to think
Back into the past
Where nostalgia is waiting
To slide up
People kiss the skies
Glad that those times
Of unknown germs
Days spent cooking
And instrumental music
Are gone
But as faces
Gather an opaque sheen
Hair darkens
The power is cut
They begin
To hear the voice and see the hands
Of nostalgia
To a forgotten past
A time when lamps
Were lit, not switched on
Was by word of mouth
And paper script
When all the eggs
Where not in one basket
Nostalgia reigns free
Conquering the hoards
Of digitalized photographs
And fancy computer skills
The people
Now try to regain
The lives their ancestors led
But they cannot pass off nostalgia
As real memories
Of times past

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