A Heavily Made-up Face

I was told
To examine
My soul
And myself
But how can I
What I cannot see
My face
Is covered with
A blanketing
Of cover up
My mind
Is blank
Always asking
I play the part
With lipgloss pink
And mascara black
But I don’t remember
That I did
Anything bad
Any small blemish
Is forgotten
Covered by
White powder
Only the scar
The blight
Has survived every year’s
As a thing to be remembered
They say forgotten
It will not fade
Even though
Those who the action affected
Have most likely
Every year
When the mascara
And cover up
Is supposed to be
The makeup remover
And does not
Every year
The makeup
Is still there
By a deaf heart
That does not remember
Most of what
It should be apologizing for

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