Across The Glass

On two sides of a glass wall
A person sits
One side can see to the other-side
The other side
Sees only a reflection
Looking through
The person speaks
With the mouth of the other-side
They would never dare
To say what they said
With their own mouth
But with the one
Who only sees a reflection
Who cares?
Dutifully repeating the words
The reflection gets hit with comments
Defending the person whose honor
Was besmirched
On the other-side
People see the one who can see through
They can’t see through her mirror
So they just see a sweet face
Reflecting in the glass
They don’t suspect
The innocence
Is skin-deep
As the one who can only see reflections
Continues to speak
People begin to wonder
Who is this person?
They search around the glass
For a hole
A passage through
When the breaking point
And the information to condemn
Is gathered
They smash through
Uncovering the person
Hidden on the other-side
Who before
Was thought to be so kind
She wouldn’t harm a fly

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