The Shimmering Showers

On the other side of the wall
She lives
It’s a magical place
Where colors
Shoot into the sky
Spreading out
In shimmering showers
It’s a place
Like no place on Earth
A place
I can never venture
She greets me on the street
Oh so nice
Except when I ask
To see the inside
The other side of the wall
The place where the magic is made
Then her eye turns
From a sweet purse pup
To a rabid wolf
Snapping the jaws
Making me wonder
What does she have to hide?
Every time
I make up my mind
To climb the fence
Makes me halt in my tracks
But not today
I have nothing planned
I can see
The amazing
Climbing the bricks
Poking my head over
To see a rusty tent
With a barrel of fireworks sitting by
My neighbor comes out
Rustling her wind chimes
Into a soft song
As she breathlessly
Lights a firework
In her old grocery uniform
She watches the colors shoot up
As her eyes
Take on the misted tone
Of an amazed child

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