Caged Song Bird

Picked up
After it fell out of the nest
The songbird
With dusky wings
Cheeping quietly
Locked away
In a vast golden cage
The tiny songbird sits
A sad song
Not remembering the time
It fell
Watching the songbird grow
In size
In height
In wingspan
The wings now stretch flapping
Trying to fly off
The new perch
With no push off
The bird stays grounded
For a time
That lasts
Until it learns
It soars around the cage
In a fury
Beating against the bars
Trying to escape
Biting the hand that fed it
A wild bird
Not a captive songbird
Sits on the perch
And in the cage
A bird whose time has come
It needed to be set free
Gazing on
With hurt tears
At the bird loved
For all this time
Opening the cage
Then the door
As the bird
Then flies
Out the door
Into the orange bladed sun

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