The Glowing Ball

All the good things
Ever said
About the work
The lifetime project
Gathered in a glowing ball
Of good thoughts
And compliments
The glowing ball sits
In the happy mind
Shedding light on
The ideas hidden in the crevices
It brings out the best in a person
Yet one comment
Put an ends to it all
One person says
That they don’t like it
That it’s a stupid idea
They wonder aloud
“Who would want to buy that?”
With those words
The glowing ball
Begins to dim
From being the sun of the mind
To a pitiful light bulb
Life goes on like this
With every thought
In someway connecting to that comment
The tree of the brain is fried
With only one thought
Coursing through it now
They will have to be faced sometime
Not the person
They were told off immediately
No, what needs to be faced
The truth
Does the life’s work
Really have a flaw
Is what they said true
And if it is
Will it be believed
Reinforcing oneself
With all the good things said
They outnumber the bad
One-hundred to one
Making the brightness
Outshine the dark
No longer thinking of the comment
Because with it gone
There is plenty of work to be done
Plenty of jobs to be completed
Under the shining sun

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