The Inky Stream

Down the road
Where the feet have walked
Words linger
The remains from the inky stream
Up to the front of the path
The person walks on
Not looking back
Not seeing the places the inky stream
Has lingered
Collecting words
And papers
The ebony stream
Is like an invisible cape
Of words and numerals
Following the person everywhere
Yet none but the trained eye
Can see
What the stream contains
.Cutting the cape open
With sharp gazes
Letting out the ink
The worst comments
The “secret” thoughts
All the thoughts and actions
That person has ever shared
Are showcased
In a gush of knowledge
Black as soot
Staining the person
So that all can see
What they have done
The protective cape burst
Letting the person see
All the work it accumulated
But it wasn’t only the person that saw

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