Paper Chains

A paper chain of dolls
Reawakens a memory
Of children
Standing in a circle
Over and over
Hearing the words
Stinging like a million bees
That hurt
Back then
When the kids chanted
This and that
They closed off the circle
Not allowing escape
Even when a high school student
Not escaping even in memory
Those words
Instilled in the brain
Since primary school
Over and over
Repeat like a curse
Even though
The kids have grown up
They still haven’t stopped
In Facebook
On Twitter
On instagram
They give the same taunts
They gave in primary school
It still holds the same power it did
Back then
Holding the paper chain
As the memories play
Back and forth
Holding it so tight
The white-knuckles
Pale as paper
Break the chain
Stopping the words
Those said and posted
Enlarged by memory
Stopping them
Replacing them
With the sound of tearing paper
The paper of the dolls
It was just paper
They were just dolls
It was just words
They where just posts on deleted accounts
Life needed to move on
It can’t stay in the past
Even if they haven’t grown up
Time needs to break through the past
The past is the past
The present is the present
They shouldn’t mix
Becoming a paper chain
Stopping the heart in one place

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