The Jewel, My Soul

In the dark corners of my mind
Staring at the crystal-like orb
The many faceted jewel
Of my inner soul
As it is just the beginning
Life was just set in motion
As the years go by
Orbiting around the jewel
Staring into the different facets
At the life held inside
The life
That has knowledge
And thoughts
 Is slowly crystalizing above it
At some points
Through the facets
Seeing things
In pleasant light
Thinking of the good times
Yet as the view switches around
Seeing what was done
Back then
As embarrassing
Then changing opinion again
As time brings life around
A year ago
I thought this
A week ago
This was important
A day ago
I never knew
That the jewel
Was ever-changing
Switching color with mood
Clouding with opinion
Changing shape with what is learned
And creating
The eyeglasses
Through which I
See the world

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