My Life

Who knows
Maybe I’m someone else
Is a character in a reality video game
A dream person
Made to fit an anonymous gamer’s idea
Of a favorite game avatar
Bending to their will
As an extension of the mouse
Maybe I’m not smart at all
Maybe “I’m” really a shut-in
Someone who plays computer games
Day and night
When I sleep
The gamer awakens
From their fake reality
My dreams
Are their life
And what an odd life it must be
Do they pay taxes
If so
If they are always flitting in and out
Of that weird place I call dreamland
Do they have rules there
Or are rules in that world
What magic is in this world
A made up children’s story
“Come, let’s listen to the tale of The Three School Children
They’ll say
“They had lots of rules, where you couldn’t ______”
Children play games
Where the heroine would break rules
And the others would be law keepers
Dragons to us
Oh what if
I’m not really me
But someone else
Stuck in a computer
With only
An artificial life
That really isn’t mine
But the life a gamer created
To amuse his (or her)self

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