The Giraffe & The Buck

On top the traveling car
A long legged giraffe
Standing up tall
With his ears tasting the high wind
And his legs firmly attached to the top of the car
On top of another traveling car
A young buck
Strapped over the top
His legs dangling
Over the windows
Hitting the glass
Click clack
Click clack
The car with the buck
Is moving at a faster pace
They don’t carefully stop
To feed their charge
To check and see
If his ankles shattered the window
The giraffe
Has to stop every hour
To warm his cold ankles
His family
Has to go slower
Because of his weight
And his surface area
Making the car lose
When they are both each the end of the road
The giraffe
Is carefully lowered
With his walking lessons in mind
He stumbles
And falls
With his sore ankles
The buck
Leaps off the car
He may fall
He may ride on
But he jumps
Landing on his hooves
Hurt by glass
When they both heal up
The buck alone
His family finally having dumped him off
The giraffe
With his family waiting anxiously around them
Released from the hospital
They both hobble out into the world steadily
Reverting to their memories of how life was
The giraffe is a bit bossy
The buck a bit timid
But both
Have to find some way to make it in this world
For that day
That someday
For them to grow up
Is now
Whether it be too soon
Or not graceful
Their time is now

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