The Unicorn

The dizzy unicorn
Spinning around and around
With it’s pearly horn
Dazzling in the light
It never knew before
How other horses lived
Day after day
Working as farm-horses
Carrying knights into battle
Holding aloft regal kings
It never knew
What it was like
To do those things
And didn’t care
Out of the green meadow
Over the glistening stream
Under the light of moon
It crossed the rainbow bridge
Out of paradise myth
Out of the magical land
Onto the damp cobbles
Unshod hooves
With the strange scents
It had never smelled before
It hits a cart
And its cherished horn
Is shorn off
From the extending hole
Left by the horn
A fading grey
The unicorn
Is no more
Its white has become grey
It is now like
All other horses

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