The Seer

The Crystal orb
Filled with mist
Under the seer’s hands
The seer who is waiting
For the time
When the orb can drop
And she can move onto her own future
Mist filling the ball
Telling the future
Of the man
Should it be changed?
For her benefit
Spinning a tale
That fits her needs
Dropping the orb
Walking away
Towards a new goal
But she knows the lie
Alas alas
It was not fated to be
But who cares about fate
Says she
The crystal ball was forgotten
And so was its prophecy
The “fated” path
Is becoming split
The lie
Is tearing it apart
The orb knew the truth
And so does the old seer
As she returns to her old place
And tries to figure out what went wrong
Was it something said
Was it something she did
Blaming it on others
Then beginning to look back
To the lie
Where she tried to change the future
To fit her needs
It was then
When she based her life on a lie
When her dream life
Began to close around her

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