Waking Up, Late At Night

Into a dream serenity
That fades
In and out
From lifelike
To the dreamy land
Every night
As if
The dream
Fires blanks
I awake
Loud and clear
To the black black
The stars
Through the sky
As I sit
In the jade green
Chintz armchair
My life go by
I see
The small girl
Waking up
And wandering the house
Back and forth
Looking for
The monster lurking
As a teenager
Watching the stars
Those fire balls of gas
So far away
The balls
Pass by me now
In shades
Of ebony
To deepest blue
To a lightening sky
As the drooping eyelids
They look down
Staring at the chair
The streaming stripes
Hazing to form one color
As the novel attempt
Drops in drowsiness

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