The Road Remembers

A dark road

Gazed upon by a single light


In the inconstant glare

A beaten strap of yellow

A cracked road


With shadows long

Glistening plants adorn the cracks

Pushing through the old engine dust


A car


Faded blue

Young when this road was new

Driving down the beaten path

To a time worn destination

It stops at the old lamp

An old couple walks out

Staring at the road

They point to the city

Glittering lights in the distance

“Remember” they say

“Remember when farmland was all the eye could see”

“Remember, the dark nights”



The road remembers

When it was new

Black tar


A line of yellow

Extending to the horizon

Nights of the street lamp

Watching the fancy cars pass by

Before the freeway was built


It remembers also

A time when it was dust

Tractors used to roll down it

On the way to sunbaked fields

Bringing back baskets of strawberries

And oranges


It remembers before that even

When gold miners walked

Down this road pockets glistening

It remembers it all

The times beaten into the then path

Sit in the beaten road

Remembered to the last

Watching to the last

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