The Melted Pendulum

Faces in a crowd

Each different

A mass of colors

And whirling fabrics

Swing back and forth

With the pendulum of time


Yet as time passes

As the pendulum swings

The lights begin to darken

Turning all to gray

Taking out the features

The humanity

Of all


Many a blank stare

Smoothing out to nothing as the pendulum swings

Faceless masks are donned

And people forget the truths of our reality

Committing crimes against it

Inhuman in their faceless masks


Candles are lit

Reminiscent of the lighted time

Asking why all was darkened

Wishing for the light again

Brightening and dimming

Being snuffed out by this reality


Until a fire is lit

Blazing through the grey

Melting through the masks

Melting the pendulum

Bringing back our reality

To full color

Showing all the terrible truths of that reality


Now the melted pendulum swings

Forever tarnished


From its time in the dark

We remember

When it used to be pure

And we remember

Why it was melted

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