“Me” & “I”

I wish I could meet

The previous me

The me of times past


I would tell her so much

How to live her life

How she should act

Who she should be friends with


But for her


Would be another she

Someone else

Telling her how to live her life

And “I” would dislike me

Making “me”

The future “me”

Dislike myself

And change what I would say to my past self


A different set of commandments

Don’t do this

Ignore them

Live your life how you want to live it

Or you shall fall to regret


But the “me” of then

What would she say to the “me” of the future

Would she find me an opposer to what she believes

Would she be afraid of what she would become

Change to make a different “me”

Making the “me” of now

A different person

Not even a memory


Is it better not to converse with “myself”

But to stick to the “me” of now

The “I” who only “I” can influence

After all

We are all “me”

But “I” am the only “I” in this time

Do I really want to change

Because of how I felt in the past

Is it better to stay where “I” am now

Then converse with the other me

Time has and will tell

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