Inside the Tree House

At a house

In a small town

An immaculate lawn sits

Tulips all in a row grace the sides

And a tall oak stands in the center of it all


Time passes

The oak gains a tree house

A meeting place for the brave-hearted

A pirate ship

A secret clubhouse for spies

An enchanted castle

And much more


More time passes

And it becomes a hangout place

Where snacks are distributed

And the daily gossip vine roosts

Kids climb in and out

Making sure it is never dusty


As the years go by though

Dust begins to gather

Old posters begin peeling

The floorboards begin to look worn

No one has stepped here for sometime


When the old owner comes back

Fresh out of college

He looks around at the peeling posters

The worn floorboards

And remembers the times had here

The villains captured

The card games won

The jokes shared

He dusts off an old barrel

One that hid many a hider from a seeker

And sits

This place will never be the home of such things

For him

Ever again

But he can only hope

That with the next owner

It will become


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