When the change strikes

It happens

They expect you

To do as your predecessors did

To sit and act as a figurehead

Or to just fade into the background

Letting them take the reigns

Letting them take over


But that is not what you had in mind

You seize those reigns

Those that were dangling in your head

Hanging there for you

And you smash through tradition

Doing what you think is right

Now your figurehead

Becomes your full figure

With your head at the top

And your hands on the reigns

Barking commands

Calling everything to order

In a way

No other figurehead

No other woman

Has ever has done


You have broken tradition

And those reigns sit in your hands

Creating new calluses

Were there never were calluses before

Teaching you

And showing others

That you are not one to mess with


You hold on throughout the ride

Never letting go throughout the pain

Always holding on

With the knowledge

That you aren’t just a figurehead

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