Dreams of Koi

As I sink into dreams

Floating above my head

Circling in a methodic dance

Two koi

Intertwining around me

As I breathe

They shimmer

Changing color with the whim of dreams

Growing bigger and smaller


With each even breath

They sink further into memory

Sorting through the thoughts and feelings

Seeing the good and the bad

Swallowing them up

Into dreams


They lead the path into dreams

Paved with memory

The objects of my head

Converse with the sleeping mind


As the mind awakens

The koi begin to fade

Sinking back into the sea of the dormant mind

In the awakened mind

They become but a fading memory

Then they sink into nothingness

But the thoughts they unearthed

The memories of people and places

Sit fresh in the head

Ready to be rediscovered

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