Their words float around

In circles and chains

Connecting to the heart

Entering the head

You should do this

You could do this

Why didn’t you do this


The talk

Fills the head

Letting the only thoughts be


Regret at not doing this or that


Regret at not taking the time

To explore every door

Just blazing forward


Looking back

At the howling shadow

Screaming what it could’ve done

Hints of what was glanced when the doors were passed

Only when it was too late


Making anger cloud what you have done

In favor of what you haven’t

Forgetting for a time

That the time is passed

The chance was missed

Maybe you should’ve

Maybe you would’ve

Do this or that


But some chances were taken

Other doors were opened

And the only questions left

What you will do

What you can do

In light of the future

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