China Mask

A china mask

Hard and smooth

Showing nothing

Except what is on the surface

Smoothed out porcelain

Red painted lips

Black lashes


Underneath the mask though

That is where the true emotion lies

Swirling around

Contained and hidden

Under the mask

Bubbling and stirring

Unknown to that that lies above

It was blocked out

And the residue of what was left

Hardened to hide the scars


But if that mask cracks

If the emotion

Grows too large

What will happen to the life above

Memories flood the mask

Lightening the lips

Adding blush to the cheeks

Changing the lifeless face

Yet still hiding the leaking truth


When the mask cracks fully though

The china will scratch

The scars with breathe out

Yet you will be free

In the sense that you know it all


Yet that freedom comes at a price

Remembering will make you remember

That which was forgotten

Everything you tried to forget will be brought back to light

And a new cycle will begin

A new mask

Each coming thinner than the last

Until all that is left

Is the face of you

Scarred from all those breaks

Yet hardened from all that time

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