An Awakened Dream

A button pressed


Lifted away

By the sound of music


The stirring of the wind

On a field of grass


In greens and golds


A playful melody


The breeze picks up

Swirling in a dance

The long clouds in the azure sky

Whisper of rain

A clap

Of thunder

The tapping of feet


Tapping in a rain dance

Beside the soaking field

Squelching in the mud

Feet pound


A rain stick shouts


The rain bounces

Lightly now

Off wishing dandelions


Scattering their seeds

To form new possibilities


Out in the seed

A growing start

Bursting up green

Living yellow

Then wishing a dream


Around you

The grass begins to fall

As silence takes over

Dropping wood

On reality

A powdering of dust

Puffing up

As you stand

In silence

The music done

You exit the storeroom


A field


Home to an old cassette player

And a dusty chair


For another to begin to dream

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