A Picture Of A Girl In A Frame

Hiding from the truth

Sitting in my own little picture frame

In a place hidden

Behind the glass

As a portrait of a girl


Acting out the life of an active student

A dutiful daughter

Yet trying to forget

What happened then


Then, when she left

My best friend

Disappeared without a trace

Leaving me without a warning

All alone


Burying the memory under mountains of classwork

And a false smile

I seem alive

Yet the real truth is hidden behind the glass

A painting

Seeming to be living

Yet frozen

Frozen in place

The warmth of life abandoned

Stopped in a single act

Repeating over and over

To keep up appearance’s sake


A farce of movement

A farce of living


No matter how hard I try

A girl in a painting

Cannot be a girl in real life


I will have to step out the picture

And face the cold reality

The land outside the glass

Where my friend is not there to guide me

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