The Raft

In the sea of people

A raft

A group of new people sailing in

Each wishing to be different

To distinguish themselves from the crowd


Yet each clinging to the other

Each wishing to be in their comfort zone

Not one wishing to stray from the pack

The only way to become popular in that way

Is to be popular only with that crowd

The only way to be popular with the sea

With the world

Is to sink into it

Starting with a toe

Dipping in

Then finally submerging yourself in it

You can now shout your words to the world


You can show the others on the raft

Those clinging together

How to step out

Learn to be one with the world

Helping those others on the raft

And letting them better understand

They need to jump off the raft

And into the world

For that is the only way

They will achieve their dreams

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