The Mast

Staying for it

Holding on

Through the passing of time

Holding the mast

Of the ship of your destiny

Holding on to the wood

Forever more

Until it is rotted

And gone


But you will be left

Without a ship

There will be nothing for you

You will only sink beneath the waves

Holding on to that memory

The memory of life

Of sailing on that ship

However it is only a memory

It cannot take you above the waves


If only you had left the ship

Gone to a new land

Leaving the ship only a blissful memory

But now

It is your only memory

All that is left of a peaceful time

A time that could have continued if you had disembarked

But instead you stayed

Waiting until the wood rotted away

Till you were left stranded in the ocean

Nowhere left to swim

Only time to reminisce

All because you could not leave a memory

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