Outside the Reflection

I am not truly here

Just a reflection

An image of me


Doing my daily necessities


Going about my life in a calm quiet manner

That person

Is not truly me

They are just a shadow

A reflection of me


My heart is hidden elsewhere

Hidden in that cache of memory

Of things that happened long ago

In a better time

A better place

Where I was allowed to show my true self

Where I did not feel it

The pain

So great at first

But now just a numbing sensation

One that is slowly integrating

And becoming a part of my everyday life

The life I don’t live whole-heartedly


I used to live it that way

When there used to be color

Not the gray of faded photographs

Photographs I hold in my heart

On the other side of the reflection

The place where the true me lurks

The place where the reflection of me will one day


Either I will step into the mirror

Go out and live my life

Or I will turn

Back facing the mirror

And go


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