Mirror of the Past

Meeting a person

And falling into the mirror

The mirror of their life

A place

So like your memories

Where you see them

In place of yourself

Doing those things

Making those choices

You hoped never to be seen made again

Carving a path into that life

That you wish had never happened

You had never blazed into

If only you could stop them

Break the future

The fated destiny

Of those who follow that path

If only if you could change the past

Your past


But then you discover

You can

Falling into their path

You hold their hands

Stopping them

From carving any further

Stepping another foot on that path

To their destruction

You have fallen into their story

Into that memory

But not as you

As another

To stop that choice from being made

You have swerved off that path

Even though you thought it was to late

You have turned around and stopped the person

He who was following your footsteps

From taking the final stepped

You have stopped time

From repeating again

You have broken the mirror

Of what used to be your life

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