A Blanket of Cold

A happy place

A green land

One with flowers of happiness

Sometimes light rains of sadness fall

But always the next day

The sun will shine


Something bad happens

The land experiences a drought

The happiness that sprung up

It dies and shrivels

The rain turns to snow

Blanketing the land in white

Just little patches at first

Small problems in the everyday running of things

Little glitches and such

Then the problems overload

Starving out the happiness

Covering everything in fine white dust


Until you see

There is nothing

Nothing but white left

Only sadness


After a long time you begin to see

Something else

You begin to see them

The small green stalks

Poking out of the endless white

Pinpoints of happiness

Where you used to see none


In time

They will spread

Spread a wave of happiness

But for now

All you see

A mass of white

Stretching as far as the eye can see

Waiting to be melted

By a sun far off

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