Through a Carnival Mirror

Oh the carnival

The purple fair

Where plastic ponies prance

Popcorn jumps

Caramel apples swirl

And mirrors distort the truth

Years ago

The stuff of childhood dreams



Faded tents

Chipped horses halted in place

Old kernels of popcorn

Nibbled by mice

Caramel apples


The machine lies broken

In the brown grass


Remembering it now

The tents


Filled with delicious bread

Marvelous cakes

Huge pigs

Eating golden popcorn

Hot in the bag

With a creamy caramel candy apple

Walking through the attractions


In memory

It is sweeter then reality

In truth

The tents were faded even back then

The carousel was rickety

The popcorn was hot

But the machine rusted

The caramel apples used to stick to braces


Is it better to see a distorted image of the past

As if in a carnival mirror

Or to see life as it was

In the straight everyday mirror

Of reality

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