The Smoggy Sky

The Sky



Murky grey


The factories

Belching smoke

Billowing grey smog

Into the hazy sky

Never stopped

Just kept building

To get the wonder items

To live in the moment

Not think for the future



In lighted darkness

Not having the soft rain

Drip dropping

Only acid rain

Burn burning


Not seeing the moon and sun

Only a heat

Penetrating through the lightened blaze


No day

No night

Only endless


Smoggy clouds


The factories realized

Their mistake


Halting work

But alas, alas

Too late

The damage done


They say in the country

There was blue

Chasing whisps of a dream

Millions went

With their wonder items

A smog smogging

The end of blue


Acting before thinking

Without understanding the consequences

The consequence

Of losing the blue

The life on earth

Lost in a hazy fog

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