The Ride of Dust

The dust

Trodden into the road

Wishing to be

Something else


Crunching and skittering

Its weary song to the wind

The ever-listening wind


Hearing the sorrowful song

Calling its brethren

To breath up a storm



In gale

The dust sees

What it could become

In the wide world below


If it landed here

It would become an adobe brick

Brown in a sea of red

Stuck forever in the molding


In another landing spot

Death in water awaits

Life in a sea of submerged silt


The dust is spinning

Wanting to be the wind

Trying to accept the chance offered

The life of the wind



And scattering

Trying to become as light

Lighter than air

So light

As able to ride the winds

Wither they go

For eternity

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