The Road Taken

Reliving life

With all now known

What will be changed

What will be done differently


Starting at the same path

Walked down many years ago

Reliving life

From the crossroads stage


At first

Doing everything

To live the parts of life

Of youth

That were missed

In the moment


Exceling at school

With the skills learned in college

Enjoying the breeze

The scenery not seen from an office desk

Understanding the joy of youth

Going down a different path


Walking down this path

Looking around


A new scenery from that you saw when a child

These are not the sights passed so many years ago

They are different

With the experience of time

A different path was chosen


Down this new path

Meeting different people

Making different relationships

Then those made in the “past”


Meeting people never known

Getting close to people

Never cared about

It is all changing


At the end of the path

The “present” is connected with

It is not the present that was left

But the future

Of the path

That was chosen

On the second chance at life


It is not a second chance at life

But a alternate version

That is not necessarily

Better or worse

Then the path

That was originally chosen

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