The Puppeteer & The Marionette

The puppet master

Spinning the marionette

Holding her close by her strings

If she ever let go

If the marionette left

What would happen

What will life be like alone


A character in someone else’s life

Dressed for the part

In a red silk clown suit

Acting as the puppeteer dictates

A marionette on strings

Dancing to another’s tune

If the humming stops

Or the strings cut


Those strings are an IV

A life giving nectar

Holding the wearer


The puppet master

Holding all the marionette

Held dear

Ransoming it

In the hope the marionette will stay

They spin them around and around

Trying turn swaying thoughts

Back to home


The marionette

Wandering far

As far as the strings that are chain

But never truly being able to leave


The puppet master

Looks down at her hands

Those being yanked by the fleeing marionette

And remembers

The time

When this chain

Was the rope holding two friends together

Remembering that

And understanding

“Friendship shouldn’t be this way”

Dropping the chains


The marionette

Who had been walking off on her own


On her way

To a new future

Outside the sphere of the puppeteer

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