The Other Side

Mommy says it’s a “mirror”

I don’t believe that

I think it’s a window

To the other side of the bathroom

On that side

Sits another little girl

She wears exactly the same thing as me

Smiles like I do

And just got her headgear


She likes to beckon to me

Asking me to come

To her side of the mirror


I wonder what it’s like

On that side

Where the towels are on the right

Instead of the left

Maybe that little girl

Will play with me

Nobody likes my headgear


I jump

And I jump

Up and down

Trying to reach

The mirror


Getting out a stool

I place my hands on the sink

Next to the mirror

I can see the girl looking at me closely

I reach out

She reaches out

Our hands touch

And I

Fall through the mirror

Out onto

The other side

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