The Mold

Each person is created

With a mold

The creases in the mold

The birthmarks

The shape of the chin

The head

The ideas

And general shape

Are all put together

By the upbringing

The environment

The world at that time

And the habits accumulated


When looked at with eyes made from another mold

The mold is seen

In the shape of how the other thinks the mold should be

Not how it truly is


When somebody else views the mold

Trying to force the other person

Into the shape of their mold

Or the idea of how they think the other’s mold should be

They do not understand

Why it does not fit


They bring in the ideas

From their time of birth

The world compared with how it used to be

As they try to force the person to fit their mold


They never truly see

Or understand

Another’s mold


They have been in that mold themselves

Felt the shapes and creases

And how they were created

Truly understanding

The wheres and whys of that mold

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