Never thinking about anyone else

Or how your actions may affect them

Just living through life

With a blind fold on

Not caring

What happens to those around you

Or what happens to this world



Bumping into another person

Who feels the same way

One who doesn’t care

What happens to the world

Or their place in it


Looking at them

At the faint shadows behind the blindfold

In a way

That others

Must have looked at you


Wondering why

They feel this way

You feel this way

And beginning to grope around

For the answer

Removing the blindfold

To better search


Removing the blindfold

And seeing the color that was lost

The color of the land

The things

That were never noticed

Underneath the blindfold


The twinkling of the stars

The deep twisting green of leaves

Things that never

Could have been appreciated it you had gazed on

Only with the nonchalance in your eyes


Beginning to care

Now that you have seen the beauty of the world

Beginning to understand

Your place in the world

And how you should live it

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