Moving On

Deciding something is for the best

Packing bags

Boarding the train

To move



The landscape is a blur outside

Blue sky

Mixing with green pasture

A white picket fence

A straight line

Into the path that must be taken


But I don’t want to go

The woman thinks

But it is too late

The train is boarded

Tears riding in their tracks


At the station of the crossroads

She turns back

Boarding the train

To the old station


Blue sky

And green pasture

Come to meet

The picket fence pointing towards home


Exiting the train

To the familiar stone station

The familiar red bus

To take her home


Once at the house

Looking from the outside of the window

At the table

Set in her absence

With another woman sitting at it

All dressed in the compliments

That used to be paid to her


Turning away from the window

Boarding the bus

Following the white picket fence


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