Living Indifferent

Moving to a new place

A new land

Carrying the memories

Of the place that was just left

Touched with Nostalgia

Wishing to go back

But not able


Making the best of it

Living after the custom of the old place

Ignoring the change in surroundings

Ignoring the laws of the land

To live by the laws of the old


Bringing in the food from the old world

Letting it travel by ship, coming spoiled

Wearing the old clothes

Not fit for this land’s weather

Talking in the old fashion

Nobody here can understand


Living in the past

Not acknowledging the present

When time catches up

The supplies from the old world dry up

How will life be possible

With no food

Clothes unfit for the weather

And no communication

How will life go on

How will reality be reached

When have lived indifferent

For so long

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