Improper, How?

In childhood

Life is full of thrills

Every day

A new adventure

Playing with colorful toys

Gazing at shows of magic

Believing in

The white rabbit pops from the black work hat


Now grown up

With toys no more

Wearing the black work hat

Every day


With a pen in hand

Computer at side

Just going on

With only the purpose of making money

Nothing more

No adventure

No magic left in life

Being a child is not a option in this new life


“Why not?”

Says the younger me

“Because it is improper”

Says the older

“How is living life how you want to live it improper?”

Says the younger

“Living life as something else, that makes you a hypocrite, you can’t be what you aren’t, you can’t live a lie”

Says the older

“But it wouldn’t be something or someone else, it would be living life,

As your true self”

The younger says

“My true self, aren’t I me already?”

says the older

“You said you wished not to live a lie, you are living a lie right now, working, with the “goals” you have, try having fun once in a while, it’s not a sin.”

Says the younger

“If you put it that way. I can try”


The two merge

The young and the old

The business man

And the child

They become an artist

Painting the colors once lost

Creating magic where there used to only be blank canvas

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