Spiraling blond hair

Big azure eyes

With long lashes

Rose cheeks

Pale lips

A locket necklace

Tiny arms in a lacy dress

Twirling parasol in the other

All accompanied by a soft, adorable voice

Like a bird trilling


Hair curled and dyed

Contacts placed in the eyes

Mascara added

Blush applied faintly

Lips glossed over

A costume donned

A voiced sprinkled with sugar


An actor

Acting the part

Of the cute daughter

That is departed



To fill a void

A doll to cuddle

And dote on

While the person that is being stood in for

Is missing


The doll

Can play substitute for a time

But eventually

The cold lifelessness

Will be noticed

The makeup will fade

And the owner

Will still be left

To fill the void

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