Awakening To A Dream

In bed

A white hospital bed

Connected to cords

To chains

With only a table

Bare of fruit baskets

And sympathy cards

Where each day is spent

In slumber



Of the feel of crushing

Delicate grass

As a white dress is twirling

In a shining sun

Under which

Your family sits



Then awakening

To the cruel reality

Of the fact

Movement is no longer possible

Let alone twirling in a white dress

And the family

Has left

Scattered with the fickle wind

A reunion is no longer possible


Dreaming of impossible dreams

Living life


Awakening only to eat

Then going back to sleep



From the long slumber

To the meadow

Where all the other dreams were spent

In the meadow

A group of people is gathered

Some faces

Are recognizable


Are new to the eye


Among the people

The parents

Smiling and waving

In this happy dream

That will last forevermore

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