A Happy Merry-go-round

Around and around

On a merry-go-round

Riding the happy time


Cantering around

In a endless circle

Not knowing the end

Not seeing the beginning

Just sitting in that space

Where reality is forgotten


The merry-go-round slows

To an abrupt halt

Sending you skittering

Off the horse

Into the cold asphalt world


Wishing to get back up

And mount the horse again

But the ticket has expired


Now it is the time

To live in the real world

With an end

And a beginning


In the real world

Life cannot be passed

In idle bliss


Disliking the operator

For stopping the ride

Hating him even

For bringing back the truth

Down to Earth


But as time passes

Beginning to understand

That if the ride had not stopped

When the moment was not over

The moment would have ended

While the ride was still in session


It would be all


Without a chance

At real life

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