A Changing Mirror

At the beginning


At a framed mirror

Clear water

Falling in

To an endless set of walls


What will happen next

Cannot be seen

The future is unfolding

Breaking and tearing

Through many boundaries and barriers


Walls of cloth

Of sticky friends

Of glass

With cutting shards

Falling through each


Sometimes seeing what is ahead

Through the opaque

At others

As if through a brick wall


Breaking through each wall


A line of sparky fabric

As it is passed

A piece is torn off

To remember beauty

In others


Stick without need of tearing


As each is passed through

As the necessities

Personality traits

Pet peeves

And life lessons

Are gathered

Preparing for the next impact

The next wall


At the last wall

The curtain drawn

Stumbling out

Into a reality

Which has no need

Of the flashy fabric

And tall tales

Gained through the fall of the mirror

But there in the hand

Laying there

Is the memory

Of the ordeal

That shaped the silhouette

That fell through

A changing mirror

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